October 15, 1745

1745 October 15 (Tuesday).  I rode to Association at Stow.  As I went I call’d at Mr. Matthias Rice’s (Mr. Francis Whipple being with me) and borrowed £8 Old Tenor of Mrs. Rice otherwise my Journey to Boston must have been stop’d, for though I had £10 in my Pocket, my occasions call’d for as much more.  From Marlborough I had Mr. Smiths Company to Stow.  Besides us Mr. Prentice, Loring, Barrett,[1] Stone, Seccomb, Swift[2] and Goss there.  Mr. Swifts Concio though Short, yet pritty well done.  Mr. Ephraim Allen came with a Letter from our North Precinct to Messrs. Prentice and Cushing and Me, desiring us to Consult the Association what they had best do about Candidates for them, Seeing the Committee which they had chose to wait upon those Gentlemen as the Precinct had nominated would not go: and whether they might proceed to Call Mr. Martyn?  The Association did not Care to do nor Say any thing till they had receiv’d Satisfaction from Mr. Martyn respecting his Sermon at Bolton, and he not being now present the affair was deferr’d till tomorrow morning.

[1]Rev. Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.

[2]Rev. John Swift, Jr., of Acton.