December 27, 1744

1744 December 27 (Thursday).  I return’d home by Neighbour Matthias Rice’s.  Mr. Benjamin Burnap there.  Hopkinton Troubles continue nor prospect of Issue.  P.M. Lecture to the Ladds, on Hos. 11.7.  Repeat’d chiefly my Sermon on Heb. 10.38.  Brother Hicks here.  He brought me a packet from Reverend Mr. Hall containing the Christian History No. 74[1] with Marginal Defence which he wrote at my Motion made to him when we were at Upton Council.  Brother lodg’d here.

[1][Thomas Prince], The Christian History, Containing Accounts of the Revival and Propagation of Religion in Great Britain, America, etc., No. 74 [Boston], July 28, 1744.  This issue contained the Reverend David Hall’s account of the revival in Sutton, Mass.