December 11, 1744

1744 December 11 (Tuesday).  Four Persons came to get the rest of the wood which was cut yesterday, to the Door.  Mr. Dunlop (who was the Means of the rest), Mr. Jonah Warrin, Mr. Hezekiah Pratt with his Oxen and Sled and Moses Nurse with his Oxen and Sled likewise.  They improv’d my Team and got down a good Pile.  The Young Women Catechizing.  They Said the 3 last Answers.  I deliver’d another Discourse on Ps. 25.7, chiefly against Company keeping and Unchastity.  At Eve Mr. Peter Bent[1] here from Marlborough to talk with me in Mr. Boynes Behalf.  Snow’d in the Night.

[1]Prominent citizen who later represented Marlborough in the General Court.  Hudson, Marlborough, 324.