December 3, 1744

1744 December 3 (Monday).  Mr. Samuel Williams and Mr. Charles Rice kill’d 2 Hoggs between 10 and 11 Score apiece.  P.M. pray’d with Captain Maynards Company at their Training, and din’d with the Officers.  N.B. Mr. Boynes met me who was Still uneasy about the Affair of the Well.  I told him to come to my House and I would Settle with him, though he had been very abusive to me.

December 4, 1744

1744 December 4 (Tuesday).  Deacon Newton, Mr. Whipple and I rode over (in the Cold) to Upton.  The Council Sat; but Mr. Goddard[1] of Leicester and Captain Clark[2] of Medway hinder’d by their illness and could not come.  We first of all Enquir’d into the Letter which now brought us together and whether the Church and pastor had Comply’d with our former Result etc.  See the Minutes of the Council.

[1]Rev. David Goddard.

[2]Edward Clark.  E.O. Jameson, Biographical Sketches….of Prominent Persons…in Medway, Mass.  (Millis, 1886), 131.

December 6, 1744

1744 December 6 (Thursday).  We accomplish’d the Arduous and Sorrowful Affair of Mr. Welds Separation and Dismission from his people.  Mr. Hall went away Home before the Solemn reading of the Result.  Mr. Peabody, Bucknam[1] and I invited Mr. Weld to our Pulpits and we all offer’d to preach a Lecture to the people at proper seasons.  Mr. Peabody and Bucknam to preach tomorrow.  Deacon Newton return’d Home in the Night, but Mr. Whipple stay’d to accompany me.

[1]Rev. Nathan Bucknam of East Medway(now Millis).

December 10, 1744

1744 December 10 (Monday).  Sixteen came to get me Wood.  Solomon Woods with a Team, Mr. Grow, Miller,[1] Harrington,[2] Daniel, Jonathan, Phinehas and Eli Forbush,[3] Beriah Rice, Dunlop, Daniel Warrin, Elijah Warrin, Benjamin Tainter, Jonathan Grout, Jonas Child and Zebulon Rice.  The Swamp clear’d.  My Team improv’d all Day.  N.B. The Committee from the Northside with me, to make me their Offers according to the General Court which erected them into a precinct.[4]  Neighbour Jedidiah How here in the Evening.

[1]James Miller.

[2]Samuel Harrington.

[3]Sons of Deacon Jonathan Forbush.

[4]Dec. 9, 1744, the north precinct had appointed a committee “to Treate with the Reverend Ebenezer Parkman to see if he will tack up with the offer of the precinct as it is sett forth in the act of Courte which has divided the Town into Two Precincts and come to be our Minister, or whether he will stay in the first Precinct and Tack the Twelve pounds, Ten Shillings ordered the petitioners to pay and to give security for said money agreeable to said act.”  Kent, Northborough History, 20.

December 11, 1744

1744 December 11 (Tuesday).  Four Persons came to get the rest of the wood which was cut yesterday, to the Door.  Mr. Dunlop (who was the Means of the rest), Mr. Jonah Warrin, Mr. Hezekiah Pratt with his Oxen and Sled and Moses Nurse with his Oxen and Sled likewise.  They improv’d my Team and got down a good Pile.  The Young Women Catechizing.  They Said the 3 last Answers.  I deliver’d another Discourse on Ps. 25.7, chiefly against Company keeping and Unchastity.  At Eve Mr. Peter Bent[1] here from Marlborough to talk with me in Mr. Boynes Behalf.  Snow’d in the Night.

[1]Prominent citizen who later represented Marlborough in the General Court.  Hudson, Marlborough, 324.

December 12, 1744

1744 December 12 (Wednesday).  My Wife and I rode to Marlborough.  Call’d at Neighbour Matthias Rice’s, where was Mr. Thomas Ward.  My wife was blooded by Dr. Gott, and we din’d with him.  P.M. at Mr. Smiths[1] where was Mr. Edward Barns.  N.B. Talk of Boynes’s Conduct.  I call’d at divers Places to hire money to pay Mr. Lull and Thomas Winchester but in Vain.  We return’d by Matthias’s, and were kindly and handsomely entertained by them.

[1]Rev. Aaron Smith of Marlborough.

December 13, 1744

1744 December 13 (Thursday).  Rain.  Mr. John Pratt[1] of Lambstown relates the great Revival of Religion among them in that Town.  He desires a Dismission for himself and wife from our Church.

[1]Formerly of Westborough.  Sometime after 1737 he moved to Lambstown plantation, which became the town of Hardwick, Mass., in 1739.Lucius R. Paige, History of Hardwick, Mass.  (Boston, 1883), 456.

December 20, 1744

1744 December 20 (Thursday).  Visited Mr. Samuel Fay junior’s Wife who lies in a very low Condition — has not been at public worship these 16 months.  At Eve Mrs. Baker (wife of Captain) here to be examin’d in order to joining with the Church.  Mr. Jenison came from Lunenberg with his Cloths etc., in order to his keeping School in this Town again, but was now immediately going to Watertown first; he lodg’d here.  One of my Oxen ill.  Captain Maynard very kind and Friendly according to his Wont in my Difficultys.  He blooded the Ox.

December 21, 1744

1744 December 21 (Friday).  My Ox very ill — a Fever — bound up.  Captain Maynard here administering to him.  Lieutenant Tainter here.  He rak’d the Ox.  At Eve he was somewhat better.  Mr. Jonas Warrin here from Upton.  Sent word by him that Next Wednesday come sennight (by Divine Leave) I would preach at Upton.  N.B. I had told Captain Hazzleton[1] the like a few Days agoe.

[1]John Hazeltine.

December 22, 1744

1744 December 22 (Saturday).  Great Snow Storm last night and to Day.  N.B. Mr. Samuel Mower[1] of Worcester here to desire me in the Name of the Committee, to preach tomorrow come sennight at Worcester, Mr. Cushing being to preach tomorrow.  My Ox better.  Captain Maynard here (in his kindness) to See him.

[1]See Caleb A. Wall, Reminiscences of Worcester(Worcester, 1877), 351.

December 24, 1744

1744 December 24 (Monday).  At Mr. Cornelius Cooks and at Lieutenant Thomas Forbush’s[1] a.m.  P.M. I rode to Mr. Lulls and he Sign’d me another Deed of the 70 acre Lot in Townsend.  Ensign Josiah Rice rode down with me and was one of the Witnesses.  Mr. Thomas Billings the other.

[1]Deacon, town clerk, and selectman of Westborough.  Pierce, Forbes and Forbush Genealogy, 27.

December 26, 1744

1744 December 26 (Wednesday).  The Rain abated and the Shining Sun about 11 a.m. induc’d me to ride to Marlborough to preach Mr. Smiths Lecture.  Bad travelling and Clouds and rain return’d — but I had reason to think that he depended upon me.  But when I through all my Difficultys got there he told me he had not appointed it.  It was Such bad weather that he had not appointed the Sacrament.  Neither did he expect me to come — Whereas he ought to have Sent me Word that he had put the Exercises aforesaid by — and as to my Coming he could not know that it would not be good Weather by that Time.  This is the Second Time of Disappointment about his Lecture of Late.  I din’d with him, and then rode to Mr. John Stows on the Business of Thomas Winchester.  At Dr. Gotts at Eve but lodg’d at Mr. Smiths.

December 27, 1744

1744 December 27 (Thursday).  I return’d home by Neighbour Matthias Rice’s.  Mr. Benjamin Burnap there.  Hopkinton Troubles continue nor prospect of Issue.  P.M. Lecture to the Ladds, on Hos. 11.7.  Repeat’d chiefly my Sermon on Heb. 10.38.  Brother Hicks here.  He brought me a packet from Reverend Mr. Hall containing the Christian History No. 74[1] with Marginal Defence which he wrote at my Motion made to him when we were at Upton Council.  Brother lodg’d here.

[1][Thomas Prince], The Christian History, Containing Accounts of the Revival and Propagation of Religion in Great Britain, America, etc., No. 74 [Boston], July 28, 1744.  This issue contained the Reverend David Hall’s account of the revival in Sutton, Mass.

December 28, 1744

1744 December 28 (Friday).  Mr. Thomas Rice[1] of Worcester (one of the Committee to Supply their Pulpit) here in his return from Southborough, having been to Mr. Stone[2] to prevail with him to go to Worcester next Sabbath come Sennight.  (N.B. Mr. Rice was my Company up to Worcester and over to Sutton when I first preach’d there Twenty Years agoe.)  He din’d with Me.  My son Thomas rode down to Mr. Bristons for our Cloth but in Vain.  Neighbour Jedidiah How was so kind as to bring Me a Load of Pitch Pine.

[1]Son of Ephraim Rice, an original proprietor of Worcester.  Wall, Reminiscences of Worcester, 43.

[2]Rev. Nathan Stone of Southborough.

December 29, 1744

1744 December 29 (Saturday).  I rode up to Worcester, calling at Mr. Cushings.  One Brown from Reading, going to work at Mr. Eatons,[1] my Company.  Meet Captain Maynard coming out of Worcester just at or presently after sunsetting.  I was directed to go to Colonel Chandlers, and accordingly there I was handsomely receiv’d by his Spouse, but She was in No Small anxiety about her Husband, who came not till 10 o’Clock but then the face of Care was chang’d to Joy.

[1]Rev. Joshua Eaton of Spencer.

December 30, 1744

1744 December 30 (Sunday).  Mr. Brown[1] of Chauxit (as I afterward heard) preach’d at Westborough whilst I Preach’d at Worcester.  A.M. on 2 Thes. 3.1.  P.M. on Ps. 122 latter End.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem etc.  I din’d at the Colonel’s who vouchsaf’d to go to meeting p.m. though he loung’d at Home and his wife with him a.m. and am Sorry that I did not exert myself in Reproving them for their Sloth and Negligence.  At Eve I was a while at the Colonels, and there came Justice Lee and others — but I retir’d to Dr. Brecks whom I had not visited since he brought his Wife to that Town and I lodg’d there.

[1]Josiah Brown (HC 1735), sometime preacher, was the schoolmaster of the West Parish of Lancaster which became the town of Sterling.  Parkman used a shorthand version of the Indian name for Sterling, Woonksechocksett.  SHG 9:476-78.

December 31, 1744

1744 December 31 (Monday).  In the Morning I Sent a Messenger to Mr. Burrs to see if he was at home Who return’d that he was not in Town.  In my return home Mr. John Chandler was my Company as far as Eager’s.  We met Dr. Smith, his wife and others going to Worcester upon an action of the Doctor’s against the wife of Mr. Caleb Johnson for Depriving him of a Note given to the Doctor by her Husband.  N.B. My Off Ox ill again.  But through the tender Mercy of God My Wife, Children etc. enjoy much Comfort and Health hitherto of the Winter.  I desire to mark it with hearty Thanks for it.  Thus has pass’d another Year of God’s Longsuffering!  N.B. Mr. William Jenison began to keep School at Captain Maynards and Eli Forbush came to board at my House.