September 19, 1744

1744 September 19 (Wednesday).  Rode up to Worcester.  Mr. Welds Case against Rachel Wheeler was try’d at Superior Court; but only as to the Libel, and did not go into the proof of the Facts — and was committed to a Jury — but they could not agree.  So that it was put off to another Year.  I din’d at Colonel Chandlers.[1]  P.M. I was at Mr. Eatons, where were Mr. Hall and Mr. Prentice and their Wives.  In the Eve I was at Mr. John Chandlers, where was Mr. Johonnot[2] of Boston.  While I was there a Messenger with Candle and Lanthorn to have me lodge at Colonel Chandlers, where were Several of the Judges — which I embrac’d.

[1]John Chandler, Jr., of Worcester.

[2]Daniel Johonnot, a Huguenot refugee, was a distiller and merchant in Boston.  See NEHGR 6 (1852): 357-60.