September 11, 1744

1744 September 11 (Tuesday).  Mr. Coollidge went away to Lieutenant Tainters.  I walk’d, though not with Mr. Coollidge to Lieutenants and din’d there.  At Eve Mr. Coollidge with Lieutenant for Watertown.  At Eve Eli Forbush here at my House having wrote the Dealings of God with his soul, he gave it to me.  Mr. Cook was here after him and gave account of his Experiences and what he thought to be his Conversion; but when we were upon the most serious Concerns, and without any Sign of Provocation that I know if, except that I made no Difference between persons of our Country or another, he bitterly told me that he had been more abus’d by me, and by my wife and Children than ever he had been abus’d in All his Life, which with other Things I remember he Said to me nigh about those Times which he says he Experienc’d made me fear whether he who brought forth so Contrary Fruits to the Spirit had that glorious Spirit.  After I had administered some Reproof and Reason’d with him and told him I Should made a minute of this he left me, and O that God would please to shew him his Errors and forgive them!  N.B. Bekky Hicks to Day to Cambridge on my mare.  Thomas at his Fathers.