September 5, 1744

1744 September 5 (Wednesday).  The Rain prevail’d greatly and continued all Day.  So that neither did the Courts Committee come to us to Day.  An Exceeding Rainy Time.  Jejun. priv. vide Natal.  The Lord enable me to take due Notice of his adorable patience and long suffering towards me!  I now enter upon my 42nd Year.  The Rain so heavy that if I would ever So fain I could not go to Southborough to Day, as requested by Mr. Stone[1] to preach his Lecture.


[In the Natalitia is recorded the following under date of September 5.]


September 5.  I endeavour’d to humble my Soul with Fasting, and I Spent the Day chiefly in acts of Religion and Devotion.


I first Consider’d and then endeavour’d to praise God for, His astonishing Patience and rich Goodness towards Me.


I reflected with some seriousness upon my ungratefull Returns to God – recollecting my past conduct, and especially my youthfull; my Soul was fill’d with much both Shame and Grief.  My late Transgression also testifie against me, and ought deeply to humble me: the Defects of my Ministry and my own unprofitableness and unfaithfulness under my Christian Obligations.


I sought the Lord in prayer and supplication for Pardoning Mercy and sanctifying Grace.  I sought for myself – for my Family – for my Flock.  I carry’d their present state to God as they are now engag’d in the great Affair of Dividing the Town, and the General Courts Committee now here among us.  I carry’d to God also, as I was able, the state of the Churches of this Land,  as circumstanc’d at this Day.  I renewed my Solemn Engagements before the Lord and my Resolutions to walk before Him (by his Grace assisting me) in Integrity all the Days of Life.

[1]Rev. Nathan Stone.