September 4, 1744

1744 September 4 (Tuesday).  The Gentlemen whom the General Court has Sent as their Committee to View this Town and Judge of the Circumstances hereof, and make Report accordingly — viz. The Honorable Samuel Watts Esq. of Chelsey, Major Jones of Hopkinton and Mr. Dodge[1] of Wenham, are suppos’d to be at Hopkinton.  P.M. Mr. Joseph Wheeler and Samuel Allen here good part of the Afternoon, but went south I suppose to wait (with others) upon the Said Gentlemen; but it was so rainy that they came not into Town.  I wrote to the Society in New Haven which had lately sent to us.

[1]Numerous persons of this name, several of them prominent, were living in Wenham.  See Myron O. Allen, The History of Wenham(Boston, 1860), 141-142.