September 2, 1744

1744 September 2 (Sunday).  Sacrament day.  Mr. Coolldge, Captain Fay[1] and his Daughter Goodenow[2] din’d with me.  I preach’d a.m. on 1 Cor. 11.26.  P.M. repeated Sermon on 2 John 8.  A.M. not without some hope that God was among us — but yet we have very great Reason to be humbled under a sense of our Leanness and Blindness, our Negligence and sinfullness.  I again laid the New Haven Letter before the Church but they did not see Cause to Consent to the Request thereof.  They urg’d that they as it was far off So they could not come to any tolerable understanding of their Case; nor could Learn how that Society had Separated from Mr. Noyes,[3] etc.  For my own part, I could not inform them, having never been inform’d myself, and I thought myself too nearly ally’d to Mr. Pierpont,[4] to warrant my pressing the matter upon them.

[1]John Fay.

[2]Dinah Fay had married David Goodenow of Marlborough.  He later moved to Shrewsbury.  Hudson, Marlborough, 373.

[3]Rev. Joseph Noyes.

[4]James Pierpont, Jr., son of the Rev. James Pierpont, Noyes’s predecessor at New Haven, was a leader in the movement to establish a second church.  Dexter, 189-90.