July 31, 1744

1744 July 31 (Tuesday).  Thomas work’d at Mr. Beemans.  P.M. Mr. Jonathan Forbush came suddenly to call me to see his poor Brother Jonathan Tainter.  I found him very low, but had his reason and could Speak a few words at a Time softly yet somewhat Audibly.  He had no such direct Evidence as to give him much Comfort, but yet he hop’d and desir’d; and Hopes and Desires were the Chief of what I could get from him.  Many were gather’d there.  I pray’d with him, after what moving and Instructing Exhortations I could give both to him and the by-Standers.  About sun setting I left him.  N.B. Mrs. Dunlop rode with me part of the way back and she was under much Spiritual Trouble.  N.B. Hannah Forbush (the Deacons youngest Daughter) in distressing Concern.  I call’d in at Mr. Williams to see Mr. Coollidge as I return’d.  My wife inform’d me that Mr. Andrew Boardman[1] and Sister Williams[2] had bin to visit me.

[1]The schoolmaster of Hopkinton.

[2]Mrs. Abraham Williams of Marlborough.