July 18, 1744

1744 July 18 (Wednesday).  I went to Mr. Francis Whipples to take him with me to Mendon but he could not go.  I proceeded to Lieutenant Tainters to see poor Jonathan who is very low in his Wasting and Consumption and not like to continue, yet Say, but little only that he is pritty much in the Dark, yet would hope in the Mercy of God.  After prayer and Some Instructions I rode to Mendon.  Mr. Webb[1] of Uxbridge and his wife, and Mr. Prentice[2] of Holliston at Mr. Dor’s.  Mr. Prentice could not Stay to Lecture.  I preach’d on Luke 16.23.  O that after as many Times preaching this Sermon and I hope not altogether without Success to others I might obtain Grace from God to become truely Serious and Considerate myself!  Rode back with Captain Tyler as far as to his House, and it rain’d so that I was oblig’d to lodge there all Night.

[1]Rev. Nathan Webb (HC 1725), minister of Uxbridge, 1731-1772.  SHG 7:617-19.

[2]Rev. Joshua Prentice (HC 1738).  SHG 10:312-14.