July 3, 1744

1744 July 3 (Tuesday).  Brother Hicks and I to Cambridge.  On the Road Mr. Cushing of Shrewsbury and Two of his Neighbours in Company.  Mr. Fortunatus Woods[1] also.  I got down so seasonably as to make a Visit over to Town.  There was Mr. Messinger[2] of Wrentham my old Friend at College.  Sir Williams’s[3] and at the Buttery.

[1]Son of Benjamin Woods of Marlborough.  SHG 11:336.

[2]Rev. Henry Messenger (HC 1717), minister of Wrentham,1719-1751.  SHG 6:197-99.

[3](HC 1744), son of the Parkman’s brother-in-law, Colonel Abraham Williams of Marlborough.  Abraham, Jr., later became minister of Sandwich, Mass.  SHG 11:498-502.