July 9, 1744

1744 July 9 (Monday).  John Rogers work’d with Thomas.  A.M. They mow’d Barley.  P.M. they went to the Meadow.  I rode to some Number of Houses – old Mr. Whipples, Stephen Fays.  Din’d at Captain Fays.  Talked’d with Mr. Benjamin Fays wife concerning her Emotions and crying out on the Training Day at their House.  Was at Mr. Grouts and made a Business of Visiting and discoursing with Mr. James Fay and his wife, Mr. Fay having been absent now four Days running from the public Assemblys.  He told that he had not been so disgusted as to leave us, be [but?] we were Crowded at our Meeting House, and he liv’d almost as near and handy to Grafton.  Besides that he intimated to me that the Grand Jury man (Mr. Miller) threatned to present them for Disorderly Behaviour because his wife cry’d out on the Day of the Earthquake.  I could not find that our Conversation together would be serviceable towards a Reconcilement let me do or say even ever so much either Spiritually or Condescendingly and endearingly.  I also Sometimes reprov’d — nor did I soon come away but tarry’d till the sun was not very high — but after all came away with Grief.  He, in the Course of the Talk told me my conversation was but a little of Spiritual Things — that Mr. Prentices Sermons were lively, profitable and Excellent — that as for me I very much affected such ministers as were opposite — but especially I was Sett against those whom he could not bear to hear a word against: Such as Mr. Bliss and Mr. Prentice.  After visiting Mr. Fay I went to Mr. Whitneys where I found far Different Dispositions — and to Lieutenant Tainters.  N.B. Jonathan I think wears away.