July 5, 1744

1744 July 5 (Thursday).  Early in the Morning I rode to Boston.  At Breakfast at Mr. Josiah Quincys[1] with the 4 Mohawks.  Their Names Anerek (or Henrich) Thoyennoga, James, Kayea wire gowa, these Two were elderly men and Chiefs; Yonathan, Kayea wire gowa, and Joseph, Onondager.  (N.B. I copy’d their Names from the Writing of Yonathan (or Jonathan) Kayea wire gowa.)  Mrs. Kellogg of Suffield being Interpretress.  Their Design was to go to the Eastward to bear a message to the Eastward Indians also.  Thoyennogea was very ready, pleasant and intelligent, and especialy gave free answers to our Enquiries concerning their Sentiments in matters of Religion.  We understand that all these 4 are Baptiz’d and Submitt to the Instruction of an English minister who is settled among them for 2 Towns which are call’d Skenecktada — about 12 Miles above Albany.  They tell us the Cagnawaya’s were afore hand of them in saying that in the War between France and England they must not meddle.  They inform that Timothy Rice has been out of Health, and that his son has return’d from his warring with the Flatt Heads.


Mr. Barnard[2] of Marblehead preach’d the public Lecture on Gal. 2.20 latter part on Assurance.  I din’d with the Venerable Dr. Colman, where also din’d Mr. Turell,[3] Mr. Josiah Cotton,[4] and Mr. Byles.[5]  Am inform’d that Mr. Dutton a Baptist Minister, whose Life I not long Since read is lately come from England to Boston and preach’d to Day at Dorcester.  My aged Mother very Feeble and scarcely able to go across the Room.  I return’d to Cambridge at Evening.  N.B. in my way was very mercifully preserv’d from being Crush’d by a 4 Wheel Chaise in a narrow Passage nigh Roxbury meeting House, but receiv’d not much Hurt.  D.G. plurimas!  N.B. Cousin Winchester of Westborough lodg’d at Father Champneys.

[1]Col. Josiah Quincy (HC 1728) was a well-known merchant of Boston.  SHG 8:463-75.

[2]Rev. John Barnard.

[3]Rev. Ebenezer Turell of Medford.

[4](HC 1722), minister of Providence, R.I.  SHG 7:50-56.

[5]Rev. Mather Byles of Boston.