July 29, 1744

1744 July 29 (Sunday).  On Matt. 13.39, a. and p.m.  Deacon Forbush,[1] who had requested me to preach at his home next Thursday, told me of his Brother Tainters[2] request for the Sake of his son Jonathan to move the Place of the Lecture by the Consent of the Brethren of the Meeting to his House, Jonathan being not like to go abroad again or long to continue; and upon their Consulting Such Brethren of the Meeting as they could light of and obtaining Consent thereto, I appointed the Lecture accordingly to be at said Tainters on the next Thursday 4 p.m. and likewise propounded the Desires of his Daughter Sarah to join in full Communion with the Church.

[1]Jonathan Forbush.

[2]Simon Tainter.