June 24, 1744

1744 June 24 (Sunday).  Morning — preach’d at North Shrewsbury on Rom. 8.7, a. and p.m.  Din’d at Lieutenant Taylors.[1]  N.B. Mr. Sparhawk[2] Schoolmaster in the Town din’d with me.  After the Exercises Ebenezer Ball pilotted me over to his uncle Livermore’s, that I might See his Wife who was in a Wasting Languishing State, was told she was not like to live, and I understood that the way was shorter than I found it to be — but my Circumstances were like to be such that I could not visit her for Several Weeks.  I return’d to my Family at Evening.  Both Mr. Morse and Mr. Coollidge lodg’d here.

[1]Eleazer Taylor.

[2]John Sparhawk (HC 1723), formerly a schoolmaster and lawyer at Plymouth, Mass.  SHG 7:258-59.