June 6, 1744

1744 June 6 (Wednesday).  But when we came to propose the Hearing of the Case relating to Rachel Wheeler, we had great Struggle.  It was plain that Mr. Wheeler would never submitt it, nor yield to any Thing that could be done about it.  The Vote was put and there appear’d 8 for it and 7 against it, without the Moderator — but there was great Stir and noise on the Yea Side and Mr. Hall and Prentice threaten’d that they would forthwith go home if it was to be kept out, and in short the Moderator upon Considering all the State of Things condescended to give his Vote for hearing it, insisting at the Same Time upon the Liberty to Enter his Dissent in the Result.  How much we might then wish for the help of Brother Whipple who was gone to Boston!  But at length even he came, whilst in the hearing of the Wheeler Case.  See the Minutes of the Council for the rest of the Proceedings.  Lieutenant Tainter came to me at Upton to request me to go to Old Mr. Thomas Rice’s Funeral who deceas’d Yesterday, this Month 90 years old, a principal Instrument in obtaining the Grant and Settling of This Town.