June 12, 1744

1744 June 12 (Tuesday).  Mr. Frost[1] of Mill-river in Mendon here with a Young Lady, in their Journey to Brookfield; soon after Mr. Weld had taken leave, and went up the Road to Shrewsbury.  Mr. Salter[2] from Mansfield here also.  Captain Maynard’s Training.  Great Ruffle and Contests in the Breasts and partly breaking forth in the Conduct and Conversations of many of the North side soldiers.  N.B. Mr. Wheeler as I was going into the Meeting House to prayer, told me he thought they were hardly in a Frame fit for Such Things — but I ask’d him whether we ought not to labour to be Compos’d, at least so far forth to beg of God to prepare us?  A great Favour that Colonel Nahum Ward and Colonel Williams[3] came, and were present at Reading the Laws, Viewing arms etc. that the unruly might be rebuk’d and kept down.  N.B. It had been said that a certain Man on the North side [promised?] a Gallon of Rum if they would rebell against Captain Maynard — and a man was ready (as it was conceived) to head them.  Mr. Wheeler was thought to be the first of these and Corporal Nathan Ball the other.  But in Public and whenever I was present I saw no indecency for which I was greatly rejoic’d and that Captain Eager[4] and Lieutenant Holloway[5] din’d with us at Captain Maynards, as did Mr. Salter (who went down with me) likewise.  P.M., Dr. Breck from Worcester here, but he went to Marlborough at Evening.  N.B. Neighbour Chamberlain mov’d his Family and his Goods to Leicester, and Thomas Winchester had my Mare to help with their Children.  N.B. Rebecca Hicks and my little Lucy return’d from Sutton, though a Very hot Day.

[1]Rev. Amariah Frost (HC 1740), minister of the Second Church of Mendon (later the First Church of Milford, Mass.),1742-1792.  SHG 10:494-96.

[2]Rev. Richard Salter of Mansfield, Conn.

[3]Abraham Williams of Marlborough.

[4]James Eager of Westborough.

[5]William Holloway of Westborough.