June 5, 1744

1744 June 5 (Tuesday).  Old Mr. Rice yet living.  Made him the last Visit and pray’d with him in my way to Upton.  It is this Day 20 Years Since I gave my Answer to Settle in this Town.  Mr. Rice lives to See it, but dyes this very Day.  Did not overtake Deacon Newton till I got to Mr. Fisks[1] in Upton.  Council met at Mr. Welds,[2] and immediately adjourn’d to Captain Sadlers where we were to be entertain’d, and from whence we never stirr’d.  All Things relating to the people Separating from Mr. Weld to hear Mr. Pain,[3] were conducted smoothly enough and then respecting Mr. Weld’s Maintenance.  And we lodg’d comfortably at Captain Sadlers.

[1]Ebenezer Fiske.

[2]Rev. Thomas Weld.

[3]Probably Elias Paine, an itinerant Baptist preacher.