June 1, 1744

1744 June 1 (Friday).  The Morning and most of the Forenoon I Spent with Mr. Thomas Stoddard who was very full of Experiences of the Lords work upon his Soul — accompany’d me to my mothers who lyes weak and cast down, yet hoping in God.  I was full of Concern about my Son Thomme, my hopes all blasted respecting his living with Mr. Emms, who is discourag’d and throws up.  I sought to Mr. Skelling the Carver, but in vain — to Mr. Samuel Jarvis, but not direct Success.  I was also otherwise variously taken up — partly to make Some Interest in Court lest the Petition of our Coram side of the Town should be granted, which would be (Should it happen) to my inexpressible Detriment.  Din’d at Brother Alexanders — waited on Dr. Delhonde[1] and paid him for what he had done last year for my Daughter Molly.  Exceeding Hot Season — can but just keep alive.  At Eve took Very Solemn Leave of my Honor’d aged and dear Parent, and took Thomme to Cambridge.

[1]Louis Delhonde, the physician of Boston.