June 20, 1744

1744 June 20 (Wednesday).  Mr. Loring preach’d an Excellent sermon on Heb. 6.11.  After Dinner I rode to Worcester (accompany’d by Reverend Mr. Davis[1] of Holden).  Visited Dr. Breck but my Special Design was to make a Visit to the poor prisoner.[2]  I found him willing to submitt to Instruction, but in no very deep Concern about his State.  I very familiarly explain’d to him 10 principal Heads of Christian Religion which I had drawn up for that purpose and which I left at the Jayl that they who were there might often read to him.  I pray’d with him.  Waited on Madam Chandler (the Colonel being at Boston) and return’d home to Westborough the same Night.  N.B. accompany’d some Miles by Mr. Curtis of Worcester being very full of his Uneasiness with Mr. Burr, and how far they had proceeded about Calling a Council.

[1]Rev. Joseph Davis (HC 1740), first minister of Holden, 1742-1773.  SHG 10:478-81.

[2]Edward Fitzpatrick.