August 10, 1736

1736 August 10 (Tuesday).  Sister Lydia was o’ mind to go up with me and I waited Several Hours for her.  I rode to Mr. Cottons[1] (at Newton) and discoursed with Madam about Hittey Coddingtons living at my House a while — but in vain.  When Brother Champney[2] and sister Lydia met me it was so late in the Day and the Horse so dull that we had gone but a little way before we determined to go back and we did so — But towards Night I rode with Sister Lydia to Capt. Sharps[3] — left her there and I proceeded to Mr. Allens — In my Return I waited upon sister Lydia home to F. Champneys.

[1]John Cotton (1693-1757), Harvard 1710, minister of Newton, 1714-1757.  SHG, 5:517-24.

[2]Probably Samuel Champney, Parkman’s brother-in-law.

[3]Capt. Robert Sharp of Brookline.