August 5, 1736

1736 August 5 (Thursday).  I rode to Boston.  Mr. Sargeant[1] and a Considerable Number of Housatunnoc and River Indians were in Boston.  Mr. Sargeant preached on Act. 17.28.  Both Mr. Foxcroft and Dr. Sewal asked me to dine, but I had determined to dine with my Brother Alexander and I did So.  Late in the afternoon I went to Mr. James Pierponts where Mrs. Hannah Breck has for Some time dwelt[2] — and I spent the Eve till nine o’Clock (in promiscuous Company) and then took my Leave.  N.B. great noise of my Courting Mrs. H_____h.  Lodged at Brother Elias’s.  N.B. Sister[3] confined to Chamber by great Indisposition — Cold etc.  Sister Willard[4] had been ill, but now about again.

[1]John Sergeant (1710-1749), Yale 1729, minister at Stockbridge, 1734-1749. DYG, 1:394-97.

[2]After her parents’ deaths, Hannah Breck lived in Boston with Sarah (Breck) and James Pierpont; Sarah Pierpont, her cousin, was daughter of her father’s brother, Nathaniel Breck.  Samuel Breck, Genealogy of the Breck Family Descended from Edward of Dorchester…. (Omaha: Rees Printing Company, 1889), 14-17

[3]Elias Parkman’s wife, Martha (Cough); SHG, 10:223.

[4]Parkman’s sister Susanna mar. Capt. Josiah Willard of Salem, Mar. 16, 1727 (Parkman diary), who d. sometime before 1736.  Susanna Willard d. Jan. 28, 1750. (Parkman diary, Mar. 16, 1727; Nov. 17, 1736; Jan. 28, 1750)