August 3, 1736

1736 August 3 (Tuesday).  I had determined to have gone to Boston in Case I could get an Horse and the Weather favoured.  Mr. Dowsing[1] lent me his Horse, but the weather was very Discouraging — it rained considerably.  Mr. Weld after Dinner went [blot] away.  I went to Neighbour Hezekiah Pratts his wife[2] being under Some Spiritual Doubts and [Distresses?].  A Melancholly Time as to English Corn whether [reap’d], or standing, and as to Hay.  My whole Field of Rie Standing or rather lying down by the Several Storms upon it, which has given great Advantage to the [illegible] which together very much pull and keep it down.  And I have a Load or Two of Hay abroad — some in Swarth and some in Cock.  Mr. Increase Wards wife[3] here.  Very rainy towards Eve and in the Eve.  Mrs. Ward tarried all night.

[1]Probably Townsend.

[2]Hezekiah Pratt mar. Rachel Knowlton of Shrewsbury, Nov. 13, 1734 (WVR, 197).

[3]Ruth Ward, wife of Increase, was admitted to the Westborough church, Aug. [8?], 1731 (WCR, 28).