August 6, 1736

1736 August 6 (Friday).  Mr. Sergeant and the Indians with the Governor to Castle William.  P.M. I was at Mr. Pierponts and having tarryed Some time and finding that there was no likelihood of answering my End without some formality and Resolution I acquainted Mr. Pierpont I wanted Some opportunity of Conversation with him in Private — he immediately led me up into his great Chamber where I discovered to him my inclinations and asked his Friendship and Countenance.  He very Courteously bid me welcome to his House and to [that?] [illegible] in particular.  He called to Mrs. H____h and prayed her to bring him a Glass of wine — having drank he kindly withdrew — by which means my Desires were gratifyed as to Mrs. H_____h’s company till [illegible] to [illegible]; at which Time I withdrew.  Lodged at Brother Elias’s.  N.B. Mrs. H_____h’s decent, obliging yet prudent Behavior and Conduct towards Me very much recommended her, and the whole of which I met withal was far from Discouraging me.  But it brought my mind into a great deal of Agitation.  How weighty the [Business?] which is now before me — I heartily desire in all my prayers to acknowledge God and would especially in the important Matter now upon my Thoughts; and I would earnestly entreat that He would be pleased to direct my Paths!