August 9, 1736

1736 August 9 (Monday).  Broke fast at Brother Samuel’s.  Was at Mr. Fennels, Mr. Spooners[1] etc.: but not at Mr. Pierponts.  Mr. Thatcher visited Sister Elizabeth p.m.  I rode to Cambridge.

[1]A various times John Spooner advertised goods for sale “at his Shop in Cornhill”; see the Boston Evening-Post, Jan. 23, 1738, p. [2]; Jan. 7, 1740, p. [2]; Mar. 31, 1740, p. [2].  Among the various goods were sugar, “VELVET CORKS, choise Kettle Fish, Butter in Tubs and Firkins, new Philadelphia Flour, and Rhode-Island Cheese, all at the very lowest Prices.”