June 30, 1736

1736 June 30 (Wednesday).  I was favoured with Ensign Maynards Mare to ride up to Leicester.  Called at Mr. Cushing’s — at Coll. Chandler’s — Colonel at Court.  Only Mr. Cushing, Mr. Bridgham and I, of ordained Ministers besides the Council.  We waited long for Refreshment for our Selves and Horses, but yet in vain.  We rode up to Mr. Parsons’s, and had our Horses put out there.  Meeting began after Two.  Mr. Webb[1] of Uxbridge prayed.  Mr. Barrett preached on 1 Pet. 4.11.  Mr. Prince gave the Charge to Mr. Goddard[2] and he gave a Charge to the Church likewise.  Mr. Gee[3] the Right hand.  There was but a small assembly.  Mr. Cushing and I were invited Nominatim and in the Assembly, to the Entertainment; Mr. Bridgham was there, but he was invited to Mr. Larkin’s.  N.B. stiff Congregationalism by Capt. Goddard at Deacon Southgate’s[4] at Supper, against Mr. Campbell of Oxford, and against all the Ministers.  When we rode to Wor’ster and to Shrewsbury Mr. John Smith, merchant in Boston, in Company.  He had been lately with Dr. Watts,[5] in England — at Oxford, etc.  I purposed to have lodged at Mr. Cushings, but the Rain parted us from him at Wor’ster; and when we came to his house afterwards, late in the Eve they were very fast — upon which I came home and Mr. Bridgham with me — far beyond all my Expectation to have Performed this Journey, out and back, in the Same Day.

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[5]Isaac Watts (1674-1748).