June 18, 1736

1736 June 18 (Friday).  Deborah returned home.  David finished ploughing in the Corn.  Dry, hot Season.  Sense of my bereaved, broken, lonely, disconsolate State, fills me with Grief and Sorrow.  Brother Hicks returned from Cambridge whither he went last Monday morning.  A little before sunsetting I rode to Marlborough.  I called at the Desolate House of my late worthy, and Eminent Friend, Mr. Breck.  Mrs. Hannah Breck[1] there.  Thence I went to Dr. Gotts and Spent the rest of the Evening there — and lodged there.

[1]Hannah Breck, daughter of the late Rev. Robert and Elizabeth Breck, whom Parkman m., Sept. 1, 1737.