June 8, 1736

1736 June 8 (Tuesday).  Venerable Mr. Baxter[1] called as he was upon his Journey to Brimfield to his Son in Laws Ordination but it was noon and therefore he was Straitned for Time, and therefore did not Come in.  John and William Ferguson,[2] Taylors, at work here, making Ebenezers and Thomme’s Coats (of Grey Druggott).  P.M. I visited little Moses Warrin (Captain’s Son) in a Languishing Condition; and of late a Sore broke near his Navel, at which (within these few Days) a Small hole has appeared, at which Somewhat of Excrements makes its way through.  It rained exceedingly this afternoon.  When I came home Mr. Thomas Billing came with me.  At my House Mr. Thomas Frink of Rutland; and he lodged with us.  N.B. Rutland Troubles.  David at a Cheese Press.

[1]Joseph Baxter (1676-1745), Harvard 1693, minister of Medfield, 1697-1745.  His third wife was James Bridgham’s mother, Mercy Bridgham, whom he mar. in 1716 when James Bridgham was nine years old – hence the reference to his “Son in Laws Ordination.” SHG, 4:146-53.

[2]William Ferguson, tailor