June 27, 1736

1736 June 27 (Sunday).  1 Cor. 14.15 a.m.  Isa. 58.13.14 p.m. and from this Latter Text I repeated my first Sermon of the Discourse on Lev. 19.30.  N.B. A great Number of Persons have been with me of late, and to day 8 were propounded, and Six more in preparitory State to propounding; and these are besides the 6 that were admitted on June 3[1] and 6,[2] and besides the 3 propounded on June 20.  In all there have been 23 that have been admitted, propounded and that have made offers in this month, to come.  Glory and Honor and Praise unto God the Great Author of this Favour.

[1]See June 3, above.

[2]Sarah, wife of Thomas Billing, was admitted on June 6, 1736 (WCR, 41).