June 3, 1736

1736 June 3 (Thursday).  I returned home.  David weeding whilst I was gone, and to day.  Mr. Cushing preached my Lecture on [blank].  After Lecture the Church Stopped and I proposed it to the Brethren that because we were hindered last Lords Day admitting the Several persons that had been propounded, and their number was So increased that it would be too much Bus’ness to be left to Communion Time, therefore if there was no Objection I should proceed to admitt them now, though the practice was Somewhat unusual.  No body objected wherefore I proceeded.  See Church Records.[1]  Brother Samuel Hardy had not been with us before meeting, for which Reason I did now proceed with his Affair.

[1]“Jonathan and Judith Bellows, Aaron Forbush, Ruth (wife of Stephen) Fay; and Ebenezer Chamberlain (this Last person dismissed from the Church of Christ in Newton) were all admitted into our Communion; [although it was Lecture Day yet there having been some particular Occurrences which occasioned it the Church manifested their Satisfaction herein.]” (WCR, 41).