June 7, 1736

1736 June 7 (Monday).  Rain.  Very stormy.  Mr. Peabody[1] and one of his Deacons[2] here upon their Journey to Brimfield, to Mr. Bridghams[3] Ordination there.  David preparing, digging and finishing a Trough for the west side of my Kitchin.

[1]Oliver Peabody (1698-1752), Harvard 1721, minister of the Indian church at Natick, 1729-1752. SHG, 6:529-34.

[2]The deacons of the Natick church were Joseph Ephraim, Ebenezer Felch, and Nathan Chickering.  Worthley, 400.

[3]James Bridgham (1707-1776), Harvard 1726, minister of Brimfield, 1736-1776.  SHG, 8:7-10.  There is an account of the proceedings and a list of those taking part in Bridgham’s ordination in Ezra Stiles, Itineraries (New Haven, 1916), 321.