June 1, 1736

1736 June 1 (Tuesday).  Neighbour Hezekiah Pratt lent me his Mare to ride to the Association at Lancaster.  In my way I visited Lieut. Holloway’s Family, Mr. Wheelers and Mr. Livermore’s.  N.B. Mr. Livermore languishing.  Mr. James Ball rode with me over as far as one Larkins on the Edge of Lancaster.  A great and mercifull Shower of Rain when I got within about 1/2 a mile of the meeting House — but I was Seasonably Sheltered.  Thin meeting of ministers.  Mr. Loring and Mr. Cushing and Mr. Trowbridge[1] of Groton there.  No body else being furnished (with Notes) it fell upon me to read Something for to Days Exercise, and tomorrow Lecture upon Mr. Loring.  My Exercise was upon Act. 1.7 to which I added my Discourse on 1 Thess. 5.4.

[1]Caleb Trowbridge (1692-1760), Harvard 1710, minister of Harvard, 1715-1760; SHG, 5:545-46.

June 2, 1736

1736 June 2 (Wednesday).  Mr. Loring Public Lecture on Act. 15.36.  Mr. Seccomb[1] of Harvard came.  Mr. Ward (Gershom) came in the Name of a Committee from Marlborough to desire us to give Testimony what Mr. Kent[2] appeared to us to be, upon his Examination at Framingham in Oct. [blank] 173[blank].[3]  Which Desire we answered.  I returned from Lancaster with Mr. Cushing and Mr. Peter Smith So far as Shrewsbury, and I lodged there.

[1]John Seccomb (1708-1792), Harvard 1728, minister of Harvard, 1733-1757; Chester, N.S., 1761-1792; SHG, 8:481-90.

[2]Benjamin Kent (1708-1788), Harvard 1727, minister of Marlborough, 1733-1735. SHG 8:220-30.

[3]On October 16, 1733, the Marlborough Association of Ministers met in Framingham: “The Rev. Mr. Swift had invited the Southern Association (which were to have met this Day at his Son’s in Law Mr. Stone’s. of Holliston; by which means we had the Benefit of their Advice and Assistance in the Difficultys before us relating to Mr. Benj. Kents Ordination at Marlborough:  Great Complaints being made about the World, of his Principles — Mr. Kent was present and very freely Submitted hims. to our Enquirys and Examinations — Mr. Loring Interrogated upon the Articles drawn up in the N. Engl. Confession of Fatih — chiefly relating to the Controversie with the Remonstrants etc. And he gave Such a Declaration of his Belief, and with Such professions of Honesty and Sincerity in all, that the Association manifested their Satisfaction therein upon Condition they Should find, that both his Preaching and Conversation had been and Should for the future be agreeable to Such Declaration. In Short, as long as they Should feel that what he had exhibited were his real Sentiments.”  Marlborough Association Records (Ms., First Church of Marlborough), 26-27.

June 3, 1736

1736 June 3 (Thursday).  I returned home.  David weeding whilst I was gone, and to day.  Mr. Cushing preached my Lecture on [blank].  After Lecture the Church Stopped and I proposed it to the Brethren that because we were hindered last Lords Day admitting the Several persons that had been propounded, and their number was So increased that it would be too much Bus’ness to be left to Communion Time, therefore if there was no Objection I should proceed to admitt them now, though the practice was Somewhat unusual.  No body objected wherefore I proceeded.  See Church Records.[1]  Brother Samuel Hardy had not been with us before meeting, for which Reason I did now proceed with his Affair.

[1]“Jonathan and Judith Bellows, Aaron Forbush, Ruth (wife of Stephen) Fay; and Ebenezer Chamberlain (this Last person dismissed from the Church of Christ in Newton) were all admitted into our Communion; [although it was Lecture Day yet there having been some particular Occurrences which occasioned it the Church manifested their Satisfaction herein.]” (WCR, 41).

June 5, 1736

1736 June 5 (Saturday).  David finished weeding by noon.  Neighbour John Pratt brought me Two Planks as Lieut. Holloway had brought me one, gratis — so that this afternoon David was able to make a Platform over the Well and Scribe it to the Pump.  I was So happy as to have my Preparations for the Sabbath Seasonably finished.  Mrs. Billing[1] here.

[1]Sarah, wife of Thomas Billing, was admitted to the church, June 6, 1736 (WCR, 41).

June 7, 1736

1736 June 7 (Monday).  Rain.  Very stormy.  Mr. Peabody[1] and one of his Deacons[2] here upon their Journey to Brimfield, to Mr. Bridghams[3] Ordination there.  David preparing, digging and finishing a Trough for the west side of my Kitchin.

[1]Oliver Peabody (1698-1752), Harvard 1721, minister of the Indian church at Natick, 1729-1752. SHG, 6:529-34.

[2]The deacons of the Natick church were Joseph Ephraim, Ebenezer Felch, and Nathan Chickering.  Worthley, 400.

[3]James Bridgham (1707-1776), Harvard 1726, minister of Brimfield, 1736-1776.  SHG, 8:7-10.  There is an account of the proceedings and a list of those taking part in Bridgham’s ordination in Ezra Stiles, Itineraries (New Haven, 1916), 321.

June 8, 1736

1736 June 8 (Tuesday).  Venerable Mr. Baxter[1] called as he was upon his Journey to Brimfield to his Son in Laws Ordination but it was noon and therefore he was Straitned for Time, and therefore did not Come in.  John and William Ferguson,[2] Taylors, at work here, making Ebenezers and Thomme’s Coats (of Grey Druggott).  P.M. I visited little Moses Warrin (Captain’s Son) in a Languishing Condition; and of late a Sore broke near his Navel, at which (within these few Days) a Small hole has appeared, at which Somewhat of Excrements makes its way through.  It rained exceedingly this afternoon.  When I came home Mr. Thomas Billing came with me.  At my House Mr. Thomas Frink of Rutland; and he lodged with us.  N.B. Rutland Troubles.  David at a Cheese Press.

[1]Joseph Baxter (1676-1745), Harvard 1693, minister of Medfield, 1697-1745.  His third wife was James Bridgham’s mother, Mercy Bridgham, whom he mar. in 1716 when James Bridgham was nine years old – hence the reference to his “Son in Laws Ordination.” SHG, 4:146-53.

[2]William Ferguson, tailor

June 9, 1736

1736 June 9 (Wednesday).  John and William Ferguson Still at work here.  David at the Cheese Press.  Mr. Eleazer How[1] of Marlborough here, in order to his joining with our Church.  Heard of Madam Brecks[2] Death.  Mr. Jonathan Forbush here new laying my Hearth.  Fair Weather.

[1]Eleazer How of Marlborough was admitted into the Westborough church, July 11, 1736 (WCR, 43).

[2]Elizabeth, widow of Rev. Robert Breck, d. June 8, 1736 in her 52d year; MVR, 346.

June 10, 1736

1736 June 10 (Thursday).  Instead of a Catechizing I preached a Sermon to Young People and Children, in plain Language from 1 King 18.12, last Clause.  Pritty full Assembly.  I thank God for the Hope there is that this Exercise was not in Vain.  David finished his Cheese Press and after Lecture mowed Bushes.

June 11, 1736

1736 June 11 (Friday).  David mowing Bushes in the Young Orchard.  I was at Madam Brecks Funeral.  As I was going came in Mr. Baxter, of Medfield, Mr. Peabody, and Capt. Buckminster[1] from the Ordination of Mr. Bridgham of Brimfield.  I dined at Coll. Woods’s with Mr. Prentice, Mr. Loring, Mr. Gardner, Mr. Cook, Barrett, Stone and Frink.  Pall-Bearers were Messrs. Swift,[2] Prentice, Loring, Cushing, Gardner, Cook, who were the Six Eldest Ministers; Corps Bearers were Deacons and Principal Persons of the Church.  All the ministers had Gloves and were invited back to the House after Burying.  I return’d at Eve.  N.B. Mr. Breck and his wife[3] and Company Sat out upon their Journey to Springfield this Eve.

[1]Joseph Buckminster of Framingham “Died at Framingham, May 15, 1780, in the 84th year of his age”; Independent Chronicle, May 25, 1780, vol. 12, p. [3].

[2]John Swift (1679-1745), Harvard 1697, minister of Framingham, 1701-1745.  SHG, 4:387-90.

[3]Robert Breck, Jr. (1713-1784), Harvard 1730, m. Eunice, dau. of Rev. Daniel (Harvard 1687) and Katherine (Chauncy) Brewer.  Brewer was Breck’s predecessor in the pulpit in Springfield.  Eunice Breck d. Aug. 11, 1767.  SHG, 8:661-80.

June 12, 1736

1736 June 12 (Saturday).  David at the Bushes yet.  I rode to Hopkinton.  Mr. Barrett to Westborough.  Madam Barrett[1] of Boston and Mrs. Susan[2] (Mr. Barretts Mother and Sister) there, as also Mr. Charles Morris.

[1]Sarah (Manning) Barrett, mother of Samuel Barrett, Harvard 1721, minister of Hopkinton.  SHG, 6:428.

[2]Susan Barrett, one of the fifteen children of Deacon Samuel and Sarah (Manning) Barrett of Boston.  SHG, 6:428.

June 14, 1736

1736 June 14 (Monday).  I returned home.  Young Society, to whom I preached last Week, Sent me a token of their Respects, per David Bavrick, one of their number, Scil. £1.10.10, gathered after Sermon among them Selves.  I bless God for their kind acceptance of my Labours among them.  David bushes — Trough for N.E. part of the [Meeting?] House.

June 15, 1736

1736 June 15 (Tuesday).  Training of the Foot Companys in Westborough, of the Horse at Shrewsbury.  I prayed both at noon and at night with the Companys — and dined with them.  N.B. Maj. Keyes with us.  Fine weather.  Ensign Maynard has been putting up a good Stone wall on the South Side of the Road before the Meeting House.

June 18, 1736

1736 June 18 (Friday).  Deborah returned home.  David finished ploughing in the Corn.  Dry, hot Season.  Sense of my bereaved, broken, lonely, disconsolate State, fills me with Grief and Sorrow.  Brother Hicks returned from Cambridge whither he went last Monday morning.  A little before sunsetting I rode to Marlborough.  I called at the Desolate House of my late worthy, and Eminent Friend, Mr. Breck.  Mrs. Hannah Breck[1] there.  Thence I went to Dr. Gotts and Spent the rest of the Evening there — and lodged there.

[1]Hannah Breck, daughter of the late Rev. Robert and Elizabeth Breck, whom Parkman m., Sept. 1, 1737.

June 19, 1736

1736 June 19 (Saturday).  At Coll. Woods’s a little while in the Morning.  At the Widow Bents and brought from thence 118 Skeins of worstead spun by her out of 6 1/2 pound of Carded Worsted.  Paid at 4d. per skein — and paid her £1.10s in part for her Work.  Hastened home before noon to finish my preparations for the Sabbath but I had written one Exercise wholly and a good part of another and studied the Chief of the matter of it before I went from home.  Hot, parching weather.  Divers persons have been with me this week to be Examined — Eliezer Rice,[1] Hezekiah Pratt,[2] and Rachel wife of Hezekiah Pratt.[3]  Mr. Bowmans wife[4] also came yesterday just when I was mounting my Horse, so I could not finish Examination of her.  N.B. Brother Josiah Newton brought the Petition of 11 Brethren for a Church Meeting on Mr. Peres Rice’s Affair.  Ensign Maynard Stone walling Still.  David finished his Half-hilling and is at work upon the Trough for the N. [W. Corner?] of my [Large?] part of my [House?].

[1]Eliezer Rice did not join the church.

[2]Hezekiah Pratt did not join the church.

[3]Rachel, wife of Hezekiah Pratt, joined the Westborough church on July 11, 1736 (WCR, 43).

[4]Not clear who this was, as there is no record of an admission of a “Mrs. Bowman: at this time.

June 21, 1736

1736 June 21 (Monday).  My House very much like a Boat adrift — by means of my sore Bereavement and the Circumstances of my Friends and Relations below, which keep them at a Distance from me; and by means of Deborahs indispositions and heartlessness.  Hot, drie Season.  David with the Team [drawing?] stones upon the South side.

June 22, 1736

1736 June 22 (Tuesday).  David Carting Rails from Ministerial Swamp which Lieut. Holloway etc. got for me in the Spring.  He found many both Posts and Rails were burnt and utterly marred by the Fires in the Spring.  N.B. <word crossed out> By Information Capt. Forbush Set the fires there.  It proves a great Damage to me.

June 26, 1736

1736 June 26 (Saturday).  Mr. Thomas Prentice[1] of Lancaster made me a visit to keep sabbath with me.  I was in great Expectation of his Brother Swan with him but he did not come.

[1]Thomas Prentice, bapt. Sept. 3, 1709 or 1710, son of Rev. John and Mary Prentice of Lancaster; d. Nov. 14, 1775.  C. J. F. Binney, The History and Genealogy of the Prentice, or Prentiss Family, in New England, etc., from 1631 to 1883 (Boston, 1883), 169.

June 27, 1736

1736 June 27 (Sunday).  1 Cor. 14.15 a.m.  Isa. 58.13.14 p.m. and from this Latter Text I repeated my first Sermon of the Discourse on Lev. 19.30.  N.B. A great Number of Persons have been with me of late, and to day 8 were propounded, and Six more in preparitory State to propounding; and these are besides the 6 that were admitted on June 3[1] and 6,[2] and besides the 3 propounded on June 20.  In all there have been 23 that have been admitted, propounded and that have made offers in this month, to come.  Glory and Honor and Praise unto God the Great Author of this Favour.

[1]See June 3, above.

[2]Sarah, wife of Thomas Billing, was admitted on June 6, 1736 (WCR, 41).

June 29, 1736

1736 June 29 (Tuesday).  No ministers came.  An hot Day.  Church Meeting — see church Records.[1]  Got through our Bus[i]ness in great Peace and Satisfaction.  Besides the Affairs that are upon Record, I made Enquiry of the Church Committee of their Doings with Brother Samuel Fay[2] and his Daughter Tabitha, and reinjoined them to look after that Matter and bring it to Some issue.  Brother Townsend[3] was confirmed a Member, Some having doubted as was pretended, whether he was a Member, being he was not formally declar’d So at his admission.  Discoursed also of Contrabutions for Bapt. Bason etc. 

[1]On June 29, the church considered two matters.  First, the church voted to comply with the request of the Rutland church to “advise and Direct them under their grievous Difficultys” at an ecclesiastical council on July 13 and selected Joseph Wheeler to attend with Parkman.  Second, the church voted its satisfaction with the reasons given by Peres Rice for his failure to join the church of Sutton, to which he had been dismissed; their satisfaction was dependent on Rice’s joining the church in Sutton or in whatever town he might live in (WCR, 41-42).

[2]On March 19, 1734, “Sister Tabitha Fay’s Case was laid before the Church’s Consideration She having been absent from Communion for a Year or Two, or more – being withheld by her husband, Mr. Samuel Fay, on account of our Singing: It was also referred to Consideration whether the Church ought not to fulfill their Duty towards the Said Samuel Fay and Daughter Tabitha Member[s?] of the Church in Marlborough, and though residing with us yet abstaining Year after Year from Communion with us.  The Church Voted that a Committee from the Church Should [33-34] be Sent to the Said Family to Labour with them for a Composition, especially to express the Watch and Care of the church over our Sister Mrs. Fay – The Committee appointed and Sent were Deacon Tomlin, Brother Jonathan Forbes and Brother Joseph Wheeler” (WCR, 33-34).

[3]On July 27, 1735, “Joshua Townsend made Profession of Christianity, was admitted into the Catholic Church and was baptized.  He was also admitted into our Communion” (WCR, 37).

June 30, 1736

1736 June 30 (Wednesday).  I was favoured with Ensign Maynards Mare to ride up to Leicester.  Called at Mr. Cushing’s — at Coll. Chandler’s — Colonel at Court.  Only Mr. Cushing, Mr. Bridgham and I, of ordained Ministers besides the Council.  We waited long for Refreshment for our Selves and Horses, but yet in vain.  We rode up to Mr. Parsons’s, and had our Horses put out there.  Meeting began after Two.  Mr. Webb[1] of Uxbridge prayed.  Mr. Barrett preached on 1 Pet. 4.11.  Mr. Prince gave the Charge to Mr. Goddard[2] and he gave a Charge to the Church likewise.  Mr. Gee[3] the Right hand.  There was but a small assembly.  Mr. Cushing and I were invited Nominatim and in the Assembly, to the Entertainment; Mr. Bridgham was there, but he was invited to Mr. Larkin’s.  N.B. stiff Congregationalism by Capt. Goddard at Deacon Southgate’s[4] at Supper, against Mr. Campbell of Oxford, and against all the Ministers.  When we rode to Wor’ster and to Shrewsbury Mr. John Smith, merchant in Boston, in Company.  He had been lately with Dr. Watts,[5] in England — at Oxford, etc.  I purposed to have lodged at Mr. Cushings, but the Rain parted us from him at Wor’ster; and when we came to his house afterwards, late in the Eve they were very fast — upon which I came home and Mr. Bridgham with me — far beyond all my Expectation to have Performed this Journey, out and back, in the Same Day.

[1]Nathan Webb (1705-1772), Harvard 1725, minister at Uxbridge, 1731-1772; SHG, 7:617-19.

[2]David Goddard )1706-1754), Harvard 1731, minister at Leicester, 1736-1754; SHG, 9:40-43.

[3]Joshua Gee (1698-1748), Harvard 1717, minister of Boston’s Second Church, 1723-1748.  SHG, 6:175-83.

[4]James Southgate of Leicester; Worthley, Inventory, 319.

[5]Isaac Watts (1674-1748).