February 27, 1736

1736 February 27 (Friday).  A Cold Morning, but a very Pleasant Day.  Warm p.m.  N.B. Brother Asher Rice[1] here, I having Sent Several Times for him.  He gave me Some Satisfaction.

[1]Son of Thomas Rice.  He had been captured by the Indians in 1704 and later was redeemed.  DeForest and Bates, History, 37-39 [Walett]. When he had his son Benjamin bapt., June 24, 1744, he was “now dwelling at Leicester.”  Rice later moved to Spencer and told Parkman “he does not go to the Communion and that 3 of his Children are unbaptized.  But he Strongly asserts his own Innocence, and desires I would write to Rev. Eaton that his Cause may be heard” (Parkman diary, Nov. 2, 1759).  He was later living in Brookfield and was afflicted with a cancer that Parkman judged to be fatal (Parkman diary, Sept. 5, 1772).