February 14, 1736

1736 February 14 (Saturday).  Mr. Livermore[1] came to desire me to visit Mr. James Ball’s little Daughter[2] being very Sick — And though it was with great Difficulty and when my preparations for the Sabbath were very backward, yet I complyed and went — called to see old Mrs. Holloway[3] as I went, and the widow Fay as I returned.  Moderate Weather.  I was very sorrowfull.

[1]Jonathan Livermore.  When his daughter Rebecca was bapt. Sept. 22, 1728, the church records describe him and his wife Abigail as “members of West Waterton” (WCR, 15).

[2]Lydia, the youngest of the five daughters of James and Sarah Ball, was bapt., Mar. 31, 1734 (WCR, 34).

[3]Hannah Holloway was admitted to the Westborough church, Nov. 13, 1726 (WCR, 4); d. Dec. 30, 1736, “aged about 93 or 4 years” (Parkman diary).