February 26, 1736

1736 February 26 (Thursday).  Lecture.  Mr. Stone (of Southborough) preached on Numb. 23.10.  I Stayed the Church after Sermon to read Mr. Frinks[1] Proposals of a County Consociation of the Churches.  A word also of Relations — of the Watch of the Church over the Children of the Covenant — and I acquainted the Church with Several Books which were presented to the Church, Scil: Mr. Whites Lamentations,[2] Mr. Clark (of Salem Village) upon Infant Baptism.[3]

[1]Thomas Frink (1705-1777), Harvard 1722, minister of Rutland, 1727-1740; minister of the Third Church, Plymouth, 1744-1748; minister of Barre, 1753-1766.  SHG 7:69-75.

[2]John White, New England’s Lamentations under these Three Heads. The Decay of the Power of Godliness; The Danger of Arminian Principles; The Declining State of Our Church-Order… (Boston, 1734).  White (c. 1677-1760), Harvard 1698, was minister of Gloucester, 1703-1760.  SHG, 4:421-24.

[3]Peter Clark, The Scripture-Grounds of the Baptism of Christian Infants…. A Vindication…Against Mr. Walton’s Exceptions… (Boston, 1735).  Clark (1694-1768), Harvard 1712, was minister at Salem Village, now Danvers, 1716-1768; SHG, 5:616-23.