February 24, 1736

1736 February 24 (Tuesday).  Mr. Hall[1] of Sutton visited me — dined with me.  Mr. Jonathan Bellows and his wife[2] here to be Examined etc.  Moderate Weather.  Mr. Whipple and Mr. Aaron Forb.[3] brought Each of them a Load of Hay home from the Meadow.

[1]David Hall (1704-1789), Harvard 1724, minister of Sutton, 1729-1789.  SHG, 7:345-56.

[2]Jonathan and Judith Bellows were admitted to the church, June 3, 1736 (WCR, 41).  Jonathan Bellows was born either Mar. 27, 1704, son of Elliazer and Esther, or Dec. 7, 1713, son of Isaac and Ellizabeth (MVR, 26).  He mar. Judith [Teser?] of Southborough, ____ 27, 1732 (Lancaster VR, 397). 

[3]Aaron, son of Thomas and Dorcas Forbush, b. Apr. 13, 1693 (MVR, 73).