February 19, 1736

1736 February 19 (Thursday).  The Cold not altogether so violent — but the Wind high.  I had gone to Lancaster if the Weather, the Roads, the State of my Family, and my own Health had permitted, to Lecture there, Several affairs requiring the Ministers of this Vicinity to meet together.  But it proves too Extream a season.  Jesse Maynard[1] here with the Petition of 25 persons, requesting (in form) that I would print my Last Fast Sermons.[2]  Another very Cold Night.

[1]Jesse Maynard, b. June 24, 1712, son of David and Hannah, MVR, 125; m. Phebe Fisk of Wenham, Sept. 27, 1737, in Wenham (WVR, 182).

[2]There is no record of when these sermons were preached or that they were printed