February 18, 1736

1736 February 18 (Wednesday).  Very Cold, and Windy.  I visited Capt. Warrins Family — his son Moses[1] continuing very Sick and weak yet.  Met Lieut. Holloway and Mr. Wheeler[2] who had been to see Neighbour Samuel Hardy on account of his writing and Spreading Mary Bradishs[3] Verses — But to no Purpose.  Very Cold Night.  Little Molly broke out since her Blister for her ague.

[1]Moses, son of Daniel and Mary (Witherby) Warrin, b. Oct. 10, 1728 (WVR, 104).

[2]Joseph Wheeler (1700-1747), one of the first inhabitants of Westborough, joined the church, was a founding member of the church (WCR, 379).

[3]Mary Bradish (b. March 25 1715, WVR, 24) was admitted into the church, Dec. 3, 1727 (WCR, 9)  On Nov. 23, 1735, “Mary Bradish offered a Confession for having composed a paper of Verses of a Scandalous and Calumniating Nature respecting the Committee appointed by the Town (some time since) to Search out who it was Cut the pulpit Cusheon, and tending to defame others also – she was very penitent – but there was some objection made by Several against reading Said Confession to Day, but the Church more generally insisting for it, and the chief objectors yielding, it was read and she was restored” (WCR, 38).