January 29, 1736

1736 January 29 (Thursday).  When the Fever came upon her so violently (as abovesaid) her Breath grew extreamly and extraordinary quick, and her heart beat wonderfully — at length one Breath (through extream quickness) was confounded into another, and that brought on her dying agonys; which were very bitter and dreadfull — in these she lay till about Six in the Morning; and then she departed![1]  Even the wife of my Covenant — the wife of my Bosom, — the wife of my youth, and the Desire of my Eyes, was taken away by the stroke of Death!  Mrs. Forbush and Mrs. Maynard layd her out.  P.M. Capt. Eager here.  Lieut. Holloway[2] and Mr. Francis Whipple went to Cambridge and Boston.  I Sent Letters to Lancaster, Sudbury, Shrewsbury, Hopkinton, and Southborough.  Mr. Prentice[3] of Grafton came in at Evening.  A most Melancholly House of Mourning! 

[1]Mary Parkman d. Jan. 29, 1736 (WVR, 250).

[2]Lt. William Holloway (d. Jan. 6, 1760, a. 70 y., 6 m., 21 d.; NVR, 139) of the north side of Westborough.  He and his wife Mary had owned the covenant at Marlborough; WCR, May 2, 1725.  Mary Holloway was admitted to the Westborough church, Sept. 8, 1728 (WCR, 18).  She d. Mar. 9, 1788, in 94th yr. (NVR 139).

[3]Solomon Prentice (1705-1773), Harvard 1727, minister of Grafton, 1731-1747, Easton, 1747-1755, and Hull, 1768-1772.  SHG, 8:248-57.