January 12, 1736

1736 January 12 (Monday).  Ebenezer ill about Day-break.  Continues much indisposed with a Fever and Cough.  Mr. Thomas Brigham[1]came to ask me to the Funeral of Mr. Jabez Rice’s infant Child.[2]  Mr. Caleb Rice rode down there with us.  But I rode but little way with the people, I returned because of my son’s illness.  I called at Mr. El: Beemans.[3]  Deborah[4] and Sarah Ward rode up to their Fathers.  The same 12th Day Ensign Maynard[5] brought home a side of Pork, weight 109, from Mr. Hezekiah Maynard of Marlborough.

[1]Either Thomas, son of John and Sarah Brigham, b. May 6, 1687, or Thomas, son of Nathan and Elizabeth Brigham, b. Feb. 22, 1695 (MVR, 46).

[2]Jabez, son of Caleb and Mary Rice, b. Feb. 2, 1702, mar. Hannah Brigham, June 7, 1732 (MVR, 156, 301).  The MVR do not record the birth of a child before 1737.

[3]Eleazer Beeman (d. Nov. 7, 1750) and his wife Hannah (d. Sept. 8, 1782, at the age of 90 (WVR, 228, and EP Diary, Sept. 8, 1782) owned the covenant, Sept. 10, 1727 (WCR, 6), and their son Abraham was bapt.  Both joined the church on Oct. 18, 1741 (WCR, 61).  Parkman listed Beaman among the first inhabitants of Westborough (WCR, flyleaf).

[4]Deborah and Sarah Ward were daughters of Oliver Ward.  Along with their sisters Hannah and Submit, they had owned the covenant and were baptized, May 5, 1734 (WCR, 34).

[5]Stephen Maynard of Westborough.