January 20, 1736

1736 January 20 (Tuesday).  I rose before Day on Account of little Lucy and rode to Marlborough but Dr. Gott not at home, nor to be seen till noon.  I was at Mr. Hoveys[1] (Schoolmaster) and at Mr. Brown’s[2] (a White Smith) to get my Desk [illegible]ey mended.  Dined with Master Hovey.  Visited Madam Breck.[3]  P.M. returned toward Eve.  The Child very ill; and my wife[4] also much indisposed.  Mr. Whipple,[5] and Mr. Abraham Knowlton[6] here in the Eve.

[1]Ivory Hovey (1714-1803), Harvard 1735, son of Capt. Ivory and Anne (Pingree) Hovey of Topsfield; minister of the Second, or West, Parish of Rochester (later the First Congregational Church of Mattapoisett), 1740-1768, and minister at the Manomet Church, Plymouth, 1770-1803.  SHG, 9:543-48.

[2]Probably James Brown of Marlborough.

[3]Elizabeth (Wainwright) Breck, widow of Rev. Robert Breck (1682-1731), Harvard 1700, minister of Marlborough, 1704-1731.  She d. on June 8, 1736; MVR, 346.  Parkman mar. their daughter Hannah, Sept. 1, 1737.  On Robert Breck, see SHG, 4:515-18.

[4]Mary or Molly (Champney) Parkman, bapt. May 21, 1699 (CVR, 1:126); m. Ebenezer Parkman, July 7, 1724 (CVR 2:71).

[5]Francis Whipple of Westborough.  He and his wife Abigail were dismissed to New Braintree, July 19, 1778 (WCR, 178).

[6]Abraham Knowlton of Shrewsbury.