January 26, 1736

1736 January 26 (Monday).  My Wife grows very restless again; Fever comes on.  Ensign Maynard to Dr. Gott, and brought him up.  She grew very bad.  Sister Ruth came up.  Mrs. Furbush went home.  The Doctor staid all night.  Sister Ruth and I sat up to Watch.  My wife was much put to it to get over the Night, yet through Divine Favour she did, and we were much Comforted with having the Doctor in the House with us.  The Doctor was of Opinion that the Fever had not Intermissions but Remissions only — thought that it was not at the height before, yet Surely it was at a Crisis now; nor would she, he believed have any more Such troublesome nights.  The Child Suddenly takes to Deborah!  I marked This!