January 15, 1736

1736 January 15 (Thursday).  I Sent David Bavrick[1] to Dr. Gott, early in the morning But he could not come up to us: but sent some Remedys.  P.M. Dr. Matthews came to see Ebenezer who was very bad with both Cough and Fever.  N.B. Preces and Lacrymae— towards night he was much Easier and better.  We began to conceive Hopes.  Deborah tended him this Night.  What a present Help is God in Time of Trouble!  What an Hearer of Prayer!  etc.

[1]See March 26, 1736, for David Batherick’s (Parkman spelled the name four ways: Bathrick, Batherick, Baverick, and Bavrick) agreement to work for Parkman.  David Bathrick m. Lydia Maynard, May 12, 1742 (WVR, 120).  On Parkman’s workers, see Ross W. Beales, Jr., “The Reverend Ebenezer Parkman’s Farm Workers, Westborough, Massachusetts,1726-82,” Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society 99 (1989), 121-49.