January 22, 1736

1736 January 22 (Thursday).  Capt. Eager[1] with his Team and Neighbour Nathaniel Oake[2] and his Team, Neighbour Ephraim Allen,[3] Jacob Rice, Caruth,[4] Russel,[5] Jesse Brigham,[6] Thomas Goodenow[7] and Jonathan Flagg[8] here and got me to the Door 19 Load of wood.  It was a valuable Kindness nor is it any ways to be thought light of, but it was at such a Season of our Illness and Engagedness to tend the ill and sick, that it was a Considerable Trouble at this Juncture.  I had sister Hicks to tend the Sick etc. a.m. and part p.m. and then Mrs. Hephzibah Maynard[9] p.m. and Eve and she watched also.  My wife very ill and keeps her Bed; but especially LucyThomme[10] did not get up to Day <word crossed out> his pains in his Ears but little abated — And he has no Stomach.  At Evening David to Dr. Gott.

[1]James Eager was b. in Marlborough, Sept. 21, 1686, son of William and Lidiah Eager (MVR, 65; d. June 7, 1755, a. 69 y. 8 m. 12 d. in Northborough (NVR, 133).

[2]Nathaniel Oake (or Oakes) was listed by Parkman among the first inhabitants of Westborough (WCR, flyleaf). 

[3]Ephraim Allen and his wife Susannah were admitted to the Westborough church on May 19, 1728.  He was dismissed to the north precinct, May 4, 1746 (WCR, 14-15, 75).

[4]Either John or William Caruth.

[5]Josiah Russell.

[6]Jesse Brigham and his wife Bethiah owned the covenant, Aug. 15, 1736.  Bethiah Brigham was admitted to the church, July 11, 1742, and dismissed to the north precinct, Aug. 21, 1746 (WCR,43, 63, 77).

[7]Thomas Goodenow mar. Persis Rice of Marlborough, Apr. 17, 1734 (WVR, 160).  Thomas and Persis Goodenow owned the covenant and their daughter Persis was bapt., May 18, 1735 (WCR, 37).

[8]Jonathan Flagg.  His wife Eunice was admitted into the church by dismissal from West Waterton, Oct. 1, 1732 (WCR, 31-32).

[9]Hephzibah Maynard, wife of John Maynard.  When Mrs. Maynard died, Parkman recalled her as a woman of remarkable Diligence and Skill in Family Affairs; and very compassionate and bountifull to the Poor; a Very Serviceable person in the Neighbourhood, and gave ready Assistance to all who Sought to her.  She was in a peculiar Manner liberal and helpful to Me and Mine at all times.”  (Parkman diary, Oct. 20, 1757).

[10]Thomas, son of Ebenezer and Mary Parkman, b. July 3, 1729 (WVR, 83).