June 25, 1782

1782 June 25 (Tuesday).  Mr. Brigham goes to Boston.  Wrote by him to Mr. Quincy.  Hear that Southborough have elected Mr. Lyon.  There were votes for divers Others, viz. for Messrs. Killbourn, Millen and Wolcott.  I visit Deacon Woods Wife, who is ill.  Mr. Jonathan Forbes and Mr. Joseph Grout meet me on the Road, and want to discourse about Mrs. Adams.  Mr. Benjamin Fay likewise is very Strenuous about his Difference with Mr. Thomas Whitney, and Says he is willing to leave the whole to Men mutually chose.  I design and attempt to visit Sarah Newton but met her in a Chaise riding out.  She grows worse.  N.B. Sophy has got Mr. Lambson to whitewash part of the House. Sundry Visitants.  Mrs. P________ [blot] is much exercised with grievous Pain in her Back.