June 6, 1782

1782 June 6 (Thursday).  Mr. Adams changes Dr. Owen on the Glory of Christ (and which hath in it the Doctors Life and Letters) and with this Dr. Colmans Incomprehensibleness of God.  He leaves these two for Bacchus’s History of the Anabaptists.  He goes to Ashburnham to See his Daughter Hill.  I rode into the South and dined at Mr. John Harringtons — and with Mr. Noah Beeman of Marlborough likewise.  Visited old Mrs. Thurston; Lieutenant Bowman, Messrs. Benjamin Ball, Isaac Adams — was at Mr. Jonathan Batherick’s House, but no body at home — called at Mr. John Balls and at Mr. Martyn Pratts.  N.B. Mr. John Harrington paid me 20/ Lawfull money.