June 1, 1782

1782 June 1 (Saturday).  Breck has hired Mr. Thomas Kenny to digg a Cellar for his (designed) New House; who begins this Morning.  P.M. came my Samuel Parkman, and with him two of his Children; viz. Samuel and Sally.  Mr. Cushing also from Concord — takes his son Henry with him and goes to Shrewsbury to preach there tomorrow.  But what was most Surprizing was, Mr. Maccarty, his Wife and Mr. Thadeus Chamberlin (who waited upon them) came this way from Boston, and dined here.  Mr. Maccarty is evidently Consumptive, yet bears up wonderfully — has preached to the Convention — his Text was Act. 20.24.  P.M. they proceed on their Journey.  N.B. Am informed that Rev. Henry True of Hempstead dyed lately, and suddenly: also that Rev. Mr. Thomas Haven of Reading is [also?].