September 28, 1778

1778 September 28 (Monday).  Mr. Bradshaw leaves us.  Sent Elias Fay Grave [illegible], Vol. 1.  Sir Brigham (Elijah) borrows the Master Key to Popery.  Mr. Daniel Forbes is at work at the Cellar Window.  He dines with us.  I received Mr. Payson of Chelsy’s last Election sermon Yesterday, by the Hand of Dr. Hawes, our Representative, and read it to day.[1]  A very Spiritual Piece, and contains a Number of very useful Observations.  Brecks Mare Missing.

[1]Phillips Payson, A sermon preached before the Honorable Council, and the Honorable House of Representatives, of the state of Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England, at Boston, May 27, 1778. Being the anniversary for the election of the Honorable Council (Boston: John Gill, 1778; Evans 15956).