August 2, 1778

1778 August 2 (Sunday).  A.M. on Gen. 2.18.  P.M. on Amos 3.2.  I was Somewhat faint after the Exercises — but God graciously sustained me.  I perceive that Extremity obliges the Committee for enlisting Soldiers to be engaged in that Business to Day.  And I hear also a Number of Teams are gone from hence to Rhode Island with Provision for the Army, this Day.  Ruth Buck was propounded.

August 3, 1778

1778 August 3 (Monday).  Drury Fairbank in a Languishment and going over to Dr. [Scammel?], calls at the Shop.  Mrs. [Jemima Hardy?] was here with Objections against Ruth Buck.  I [advised?] Mrs. Hardy to go to her, and discourse with her.  [illegible] She said she had Seen and spoke with her.  [But to?] little [effect?].  Master Eli Brigham came with Mr. William [May?].  The latter tarrys here.  Sophy is gone to Southborough for weaving.  A Number of the young Men who are going to the War, viz. Jacob Broadus, Gott Maynard and D [an?] Read are here at Evening and I gave them my Advice.

August 6, 1778

1778 August 6 (Thursday).  Fast at Marlborough in order to Settling a Minister.  We were entertained at Mr. Joseph Howe’s.  Mr. Newell Opened the Solemnity with Prayer.  Mr. Stone preached on Rev. 2.5.  A very Pertinent Sermon.  May God grant Success!  Mr. Sumner prayed after it, and began in the Afternoon.  I preached p.m. on Jer. 3.15.  O that God would forgive my Defects and the Iniquities of my holy Things, and grant Audience.  O that I might be my Self Such a Pastor as I have described!  And that Marlborough might have One truely so!  A Committee waited upon us after the public Exercises, with the Thanks of the Church, and to see what further Advice we could give them in their present particular State and Circumstances.  Our united Counsel was, that in so weighty an Affair, they had best be deliberate — for then those who were not fully Satisfyed with the Gentleman which the Generality Seemed to have their Eye upon (that is Mr. Daniel Foster) might by further [Conversation?] with him, be reconciled.  I called at Col. [Winchesters?] on my Returning home.

August 8, 1778

1778 August 8 (Saturday).  I rode to Shrewsbury — called at the Door of Mr. Ebenezer Garfield to see Mr. Broad and prayed with him.  Mr. Broad was under a terrible Haemorrhage: had bled at the Nose from yesterday forenoon without ceasing; and was still dropping.  And had some Conversation with the young Scholar Daniel who belongs to Providence Collige.  I lodged at Mr. Sumners.

August 9, 1778

1778 August 9 (Sunday).  I preached a. and p.m. on Joel 3.13 with the Additions to p. 12.  Which may God graciously pleased to bless.  It was hot in the forenoon — but a storm arose p.m. and rained hard — thundered etc.  After Exercises came in to Mr. Sumners two Maiden Gentlewomen who were of Boston, viz. Miss Molly and Miss Suse Procter.  At Eve, after praying with the Family at Mr. Sumners, I went, by Invitation to Col. Cushing’s and was refreshed there — but lodged, agreeable to her Request, at his Mothers.  [Marginal notation: am informed that Mr. Sumner preached yesterday on Prov. 22.8 and 2 Cor. 2.16.]

August 10, 1778

1778 August 10 (Monday).  As I came home I made a Visit to Mrs. Katharine Allen (wife of Mr. Israel Allen) who is confined by a Cancer.  Mr. Allen also is under much Weakness — conversed and prayed with them.  Lit also at Mr. Jos. Knowltons whose Wife is much better — was at Mr. Gershom Brighams — but especially I hastened to Mr. Broad, who though alive, yet is very low.  The Bleeding has Stopped; but is now dropping.  I pityed, instructed, prayed with him — hastened Mr. Rider (who lives there) for Dr. Ball.  When I got home, Mrs. P______ inclined to go to him.  Am informed that Mr. Sumner preached yesterday on Prov. 22.8 and 2 Cor. 2.16.

August 11, 1778

1778 August 11 (Tuesday).  Having borrowed of Sister Cushing Willards Blessed Man I begin to read it.  Dr. Stimson here and dines with us.  Elias goes to Upton and brings home from the weavers the Cloth for a Linnen Gown.  And he goes to Miss Molly Garfield (Shrewsbury) to fetch from her Loom, Linnen for Breeches for him.  Capt. Morse here in Defence of Ruth Buck against Mrs. Hardy; and insists on her (the latter) being distracted.  News from Rhode Island that our Forces are much increased there, and have entered upon it.

August 12, 1778

1778 August 12 (Wednesday).  Previous to his going to Cambridge I gave Elias Some Serious Instruction etc.  I asked him, whether he did really Choose this way of living, or No?  He answered me, that he chose Learning and Said he would give himself to this kind of Life.  I have been, and am, deeply affected with his Conduct.  I desire to committ him to God who can change the Hearts of Men.  He leaves us to return to Cambridge.  I delivered him Fifty Dollars for his Support.  And may God grant him his Special Blessing!  Mrs. P____________  much indisposed.  P.M. I rode over to see Mr. Broad, who (Thanks to God!) is more comfor[table?] does not bleed as heretofore.  Discoursed and [prayed with him?] left him with my [illegible] to improve [illegible] Life to the divine Glory.  [I then went?], and Mr. Elijah Hardy with me, to Mr. Isaac Parker’s where dwells the widow Jemima Hardy, that I might direct her with respect to Ruth Buck.  But I found her much out of her Head, and incapable of any regular Conversation.  Dr. Stimson has been here, is soon going to settle at Great Barrington.

August 14, 1778

1778 August 14 (Friday).  We have strong Expectations from the Army at Rhode Island, and the French Fleet, Count de Estaing, Commander, on those Coasts.  Breck has taken to Book-binding, and has bound for me Vol. 7 and 8 of the Political State of Great Britain — which are for the Year 1714; and all bound very handsomely.


Old Mrs. Dolly Rice here.  Capt. Elderkin from Windham.  They drank Tea here.  Other Company also.  Though the latter were not, the former were unavoidably an Interruption to my preparations.

August 16, 1778

1778 August 16 (Sunday).  On 1 Pet. 3.7 a.m. but it was about an hour long, and too much for my Small strength.  At noon Miss Ruth Buck was here, and I read and She signed the Address she is about to make to the Church, Miss Patty Fish and her sister Eunice dined with us.  P.M. I preached one of my Sermons on 1 Cor. 15.50 and wish it may be to our Saving Profit and Advantage!

August 18, 1778

1778 August 18 (Tuesday).  A.M. came Mr. Whitney as to a Ministers Meeting, but there was none here.  My Son Cushing came with him, having been Stopped by the Rain last Evening.  He lodged there.  They dined here.  Mr. Whitney returns home, his Wife having lately brought him another Son Aaron.  Mr. Cushing lodges here.  My Wife is very much [unwell?].

August 20, 1778

1778 August 20 (Thursday).  Mr. Thomas Kendal [torn] [Wellington?] by the way of Grafton) came to See me, and dines with us — tarrys over night.  He manifests an inclination rather to preach to a Number of the New and remote Towns, who esteem his Labors, then to be settled in any particular place.  He asks me to go to Grafton for next Sabbath, but the Circumstances of my Family, at present (my Wife Sick and I have not one of my Children at home etc. etc.) I can’t gratifie him.

August 21, 1778

1778 August 21 (Friday).  Mr. Kendal dines with us — return him his Masons Sermons and he returns me my Edwards’s Veritas redax.  He leaves here Dr. Wheelocks Narrative of the original Design etc. of the Indian Charity School.  P.M. He returns back to Grafton, but leaves Cloths, Linnen etc. under Mrs. P.__________s Care.  Mr. Temple of Upton brings home the Striped Linnen Cloth.

August 24, 1778

1778 August 24 (Monday).  Visit and pray with Mr. Broad, who bleeds at times and is very weak and feeble.  I went to Squire Bakers — reckoned with him: and received the Ballance between the Oxen which he had of me, and the Cow which I had of him — viz. 999 lb. @ 9d per pound.  It amounted to 37£ 9.3 and he paid me 37.10.0.  I dined there.  Borrowed Mr. James Janaways best Friend etc.[1]  Called to see Mrs. Keen.  Went in to Deacon Woods.  Capt. Elderkin not there.  At home found Ebenezer Briant — but he has come to tell Timothy of their Fathers Sickness and Danger, and that his F__________ must See him.

[1]James Janeway (1636?-1674), Heaven upon earth; or, The best friend in the worst times. Being an earnest exhortation to get acquainted with God, as the only way to real good and blessedness (Boston: Z. Fowle and S. Draper, 1760).  From the 3rd ed.  Evans 8625

August 27, 1778

1778 August 27 (Thursday).  A.M. Visit Mr. Andrews and his Family on Occasion of his son Samuels Death.  After which I proceeded to Grafton.  Met Mr. Kendall, going to my House.  I dined at Mr. Joseph Grouts — went to Mr. David Stows to See my Sheep, there having been sore Mortality among them.  About 6 have dyed, of those he has the Care of.  N.B. Singular Regard and Kindness was Shewn me by Old Capt. Drury and his Daughter in Law.  At my Return home found that my wife has had an ill Day.  Faint — Sick etc.

August 30, 1778

1778 August 30 (Sunday).  Preached on Mat. 16.26 a. p.m. (at Mendon) which may God graciously Succeed!  We have been very much alarmed with bad news from Rhode Island; but at Evening a more favorable Account.  At noon I was kindly entertained by Mrs. Wilder (Mr. Caleb’s Wife).  Her Husband is at the Eastward.  After Meeting went (by Invitation) to Judge Dorr’s — where the very aged Squire Tyler came to make me a Visit.  He was 91 last February and is Still alert.  He accompanyed me to Mr. Willards, where I lodged.

August 31, 1778

1778 August 31 (Monday).  Young Moses Haven, who has entered College this Year; John Honeywood, Son of the late Dr. Honeywood of Leicester, and [blank] Goddard of Sutton, reside there.  The 2 last as Scholars.  Honeywood shews his Genius in Drawing — drew Hon. General Hancock — and Hon. Samuel Adams — while I was present; and presented them to me.


A poor Sick Soldier came in there, and gave us the State of the Armies as late as yesterday Morning and that he was informed there was that day, a Smart Action.  I dined with Mrs. Willard, the Young Scholars, and Miss Peggy Steel, Honeywoods Aunt.  I returned by Deacon Batchelors and Mr. Grosvenors, Grafton — called at Mr. Joseph Grout’s, in my Way home — arrived Safely about 9 o’Clock, and Mrs. P________________ no worse.  Mr. Willards Text were Mat. 8.5 to 10, p.m. Jer. [115?] – 8.  To God be Glory!